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We need your help to rescue the helpless!

Donate today so we can turn Tulip's life around.

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We may never know the whole story of how Tulip ended up so far gone from a common and treatable skin condition that she wobbled and could barely walk. Tulip, like hundreds of other animals, came to us at a low point in her life.

Tulip ended up on death's door not from any bad choices she made. Tulip was entirely at the mercy of her owners, who it's safe to guess couldn't afford to get her the care she so desperately needed when she needed it.

Tulip's story turned around when someone found her and called us to rescue her. We took Tulip in, vaccinated her and started her on antibiotics and bathed her with special shampoo to help with her skin condition. Emaciated and missing much of the hair on her body, Tulip just curled up in her crate under her blanket at first, but day by day she is feeling better, getting stronger and starting to even wag her tail when it's time to put on her puffy down coat over her sweater and go out to potty.

Tulip has a long road to full recovery ahead of her, but with the support of people like you who care about helpless animals, we will be there for Tulip until we can get her fully well, fully vetted and find her a Happily Ever After Adoptive Home.

When CCARS took on the local shelter we added "Rescue" to the name and the mission and became " Clay County Animal Rescue & Shelter." Through the help and support of people like you who care, we can be sure that when a dog like Tulip needs rescuing, we can help her.

Thank you for caring!

Britt Bailey

CCARS Shelter Director, Foster, and Fulltime Volunteer